WE LOVE MUZZY! Muzzy Review Coming Soon!

bbc muzzy 20th anniversary edition level 2We love Muzzy. We really do and it seems that so do many of you as the famous BBC Muzzy is still one of the best and most innovative language courses for kids on the market today. Just put on the DVD and see your young kids captivated by their new language. This could be the most important gift you ever give your child. And, what’s more, we have a young mum trying out this BBC muzzy course on her two little boys as we speak. Her review will be coming soon!

Currently available as a BBC Muzzy 20th Anniversary Edition language course, the program includes ALL five of these languages – French, Spanish, German, Italian and English. Your child can focus on just one language – or dip in and out of all five. This famous BBC course uses the award-winning character MUZZY to engage kids’ natural ability to learn language. Their brains are like sponges at a young age and you’ll be amazed at just how much they take in and understand and, how quickly with this kids language course. The Muzzy DVDs and songs are playful and fun which all help to enrapture children and hold their attention. The current BBC Muzzy Language Course includes story DVDs, song DVDs, vocabulary CDs and more. Available in Levels 1 and 2, the BBC Muzzy 20th Anniversary Edition language courses combine 5 languages in one – French, German, Italian, Spanish and English.

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