Turning Japanese with Justin Lee Collins – Episode 1

The first episode of ‘Turning Japanese’ on the UK’s Channel 5 screened on 27 January 2011 features Justin Lee Collins taking a ‘hilarious’ and somewhat alternative look at Japanese life and culture.

Justin arrives in Tokyo to learn more about the people and customs behind Japan’s often baffling image, but it may not go well for him: “I don’t like robots, I don’t have an MP3 player and I hate manga,” he confesses. “So I hope there is more to Japan than that.”

He starts in Tokyo’s most fashionable hangouts, the bustling Harajuku district. Every Sunday, young people dressed in a range of outlandish costumes meet to socialise.  He heads on to what we’ll call a ‘more adult shop’ and the plot gets more frisky, with Justin investigating a school that offers ‘dating classes’.

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