Top US Games Firm Needs Staff With Language Skills In Ireland

The top US games firm, EA Games, is looking for staff with language skills for a base in Galway, Ireland. The computer games company is creating 300 jobs for its new European Customer Experience Centre of Excellence in Ireland and requires people with a good proficiency in French, Italian, German and Spanish, as well as English.

The move to employ people proficient in foreign languages comes after another large IT company with a base in Ireland, PayPal, was recently forced to import staff with language skills from overseas. PayPal found it difficult to find staff proficient in foreign language skills and had to get staff from overseas. However, EA’s Chief Operating Officer is not phased by this saying “We believe we will be able to get the type of employee we’re looking for in Galway” adding, “If that’s not the case then we may have to bring people in from overseas.”

EA Games has around 220 million customers around the world and is well-known for some of its best-selling games such as FIFA Football.

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