Think Italian – A New Online Audio Language Magazine

think italian audio magazinesWe are pleased to announce that we have now added the Think Italian online audio language magazines to our range of hand-picked innovative language learning courses. The Think Italian online audio language magazine is more than a simple Italian language course – it is designed to help you to learn and improve your Italian while teaching you about the life and culture in Italy.

There are between eight and ten articles every month, covering topics from people, celebrations, ecotourism and recipes. It is a very engaging approach to learning Italian for intermediate and advanced learners.

Since Champs-Elysees ceased trading last year, we have been inundated by customers asking us about alternative language learning magazines. We’ve had a good look around the market and found this one for you! It’s a bit different – but we think you’ll like it … and importantly, as it is online, we hope it will have a more sustainable business model. Basically, you pay an annual membership fee and can then login online to access a new audio magazine every month. If you want to, you can then download both the audio and the PDF magazine – so you can have them with you on the move. This is a good alternative to Champs Elysees and worth trying out.

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Get the Italian language advantage with Think Italian. Claim your competitive advantage!