The new 24-hour working culture changing Norway

A growing number of entrepreneurs are changing the face of working culture in Norway. Designers, jewellery makers, IT specialists amongst others have been using Oslo’s first hub for specialist entrepreneurs. Called ‘Mesh’, people mingle in a communal kitchen, play table tennis and drink complimentary coffee whilst working on their own businesses and networking. ‘Our goal is to make innovators feel at home’ says one of the co-founders of this new enterprising idea.

A business network where inventors and entrepreneurs could get together like this had never existed before in Norway until ‘Mesh’ came along. Norway has very strict labour laws meaning that virtually all of the offices in the capital of Oslo close at 4pm or earlier. Norwegians like to prioritise family and leisure time which is why irregular schedules and unpaid overtime are actively discouraged. Some are concerned that this new start-up 24-hour working culture will bring health and social problems which Norway had been trying to avoid.

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