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The Pamplona Bull Run runs from 6 – 14 July 2009 in Pamplona, Spain.     It is known as El Encierro in Spanish and takes place as part of the Fiesta de San Fermín. The Running of the Bulls was made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his account of the festival in ‘The Sun Also Rises’.  

The bull run takes place every morning at 8am during the festival, when thousands of locals and visitors alike risk their lives to outrun the bulls along the streets of Pamplona towards the main bullring.   The bulls will be paraded in the bullring before entering into their final fight with a professional matador.

This is NOT for the faint-hearted!   Although no-one had been killed since 1995, the bull run is serious stuff and it is reported that on 10 July 2009 a Spanish man was killed by a bull  that broke away from the main pack and headed for the crowds, despite safety fencing.

Bull fighting is a long tradition in Spain, but one that many feel is inhumane and much campaigning takes place to get this ‘sport’ banned within Spain and France.   However, there are bullrings in most major Spanish cities which are  usually filled to capacity with crowds wanting to watch the ‘spectacle’.

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