Cuts to BBC World Service Language Programmes

The BBC World Service, which started broadcasting in 1932, is to close five of its language services.  The Albanian, Macedonian, Serbian, English for the Caribbean and Portuguese for Africa services will all be axed.

An end to radio programmes in another seven languages has also been announced [Read more…]

Multilingual Sussex Schoolchildren Speak 94 Languages

There are over 3,000 bilingual school children in Sussex, on the South Coast of the UK, who speak an amazing 94 languages between them, including Wolof, which is spoken in Senegal, and Igbo, spoken in Nigeria and Niger-Congo.

New figures show the top ten tongues in West Sussex are Urdu, Gujarati, Caribbean Creole French, Portuguese, Tamil, Punjabi, Polish, Bengali, French and Pashto.   [Read more…]