Learn Japanese Or German To Get Ahead In Life

Now, this is an interesting concept. A recent study has found that there is a correlation between speakers of languages who make a weak distinction of time in the future and their future health and wealth. For instance, Japanese, Chinese and German languages don’t refer to the future explicitly. Therefore, those who speak these languages, and who have a weaker distinction between the present and future, are more likely to be better prepared for their future and also lead healthier lives.

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Scientists Claim That All Languages Came Out Of Africa

Research of languages carried out by scientists at the University of Auckland and Oxford University, claims that all languages stem from sub-Saharan Africa around 150,000 years ago.

Around 504 languages were analysed in the study specifically for the number of phonemes or particular sounds they have. [Read more…]

Did you know … the Japanese love the Glasgow accent?

A survey by Northumbria University in the UK has shown that Japanese learners of English find the Glaswegian accent in Scotland the most socially attractive. More than 500 people were questioned in the study to find out how worldwide perceptions of the English language are changing. [Read more…]

Language Courses for Kids

Children learn a language effortlessly until the age of 12.
Give them the language advantage!

Get your children to learn to speak other languages from day one. Research shows that children learn other languages like their mother tongue up to the age of about two or three and easily after that until the teenage years. Some may say ‘it’s too young!’ In fact, experts say that learning a second language even enhances the development of the first language … especially if it is fun!

Bestselling language course for kids

bbc-muzzy-20th-anniversary-edition-level-2BBC Muzzy is the bestselling language course for kids.
This language course is specially designed for children to give them a head start in learning French, German, Italian or Spanish.   It is fun and educational all at the same time – with DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs and books.   A perfect introduction for your young child.   Find out more about BBC Muzzy language courses for kids>>

01 Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese – Mandarin Chinese language courses for kids

02 Learn to speak French – French language courses for kids

03 Learn to speak German – German language courses for kids

04 Learn to speak Italian – Italian language courses for kids

05 Learn to speak Japanese – Japanese language courses for kids

06 Learn to speak Spanish – Spanish language courses for kids

Give your kids the language advantage and it will be their competitive advantage both at school and later in the workplace. language advantage offers the best and most innovative language courses for children from around the world to help your kids to learn to speak another language.

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