Cabbies Learn Languages for the London Olympics

More than 3,000 cab drivers who work for Radio Taxis in London have been given MP3 and CD language courses so they are prepared for the influx of foreign tourists for the 2012 Olympics.  Under the scheme devised by Collins Language, drivers will learn useful phrases in French, Spanish and Chinese, and will have a flag on their cab to denote the language they can speak. [Read more…]

Esperanto Comes to Wales

Esperanto Youth of Britain members have visited the city of Cardiff or ‘Kairdiff’ for their first meeting in Wales prior to the British Esperanto Congress in Llandudno in May 2010, when speakers from around the UK will gather. The group hope their visit will create interest in Esperanto and claim that the language is growing in popularity.

There are two to three million speakers of Esperanto worldwide, and four UK primary schools teach Esperanto as a preparation for learning other languages, under a pilot scheme called Springboard organised by the Esperanto Association of Britain.

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Davina McCall speaks … French

Did you know that the famous Big Brother TV presenter Davina McCall is half-French? She reveals her French heritage on the BBC TV programme ‘Who do   you think you are?’.

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La finale Di UEFA Champions League 2009

learn Italian

Photo taken by Andrea Lainé

We’ve gone all Italian this week! This year’s UEFA Champions League Final will be held in the Stadio Olimpico, Rome on the 27th May 2009. FC Barcelona will play Manchester United FC in what could be an explosive football match.   A five-day celebration of football kicks off in Rome’s historic centre on Saturday 23rd May with the official opening of the UEFA Champions Festival. [Read more…]

Our Celebrity Linguists Exhibit Their French Language Advantage

Eddie Izzard speaks … French – watch the videos>>
Tony Blair speaks … French – watch the video>>
Girls Aloud speak … French – watch the video>>

There a lot of celebrities out there who are happy to show off their language advantage.   Did you know that English comedian Eddie Izzard does some of his comedy shows in French?   And that Tony Blair congratulated Nicholas Sarkozy on his presidential election win in France in French and on YouTube?   [Read more…]

Girls Aloud speak … French

Did you know that the British pop sensations Girls Aloud did a French version of their hit song ‘I don’t speak French’.   You can make up your own minds about whether you think they can speak French or not?!

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Tony Blair speaks … French

Did you know that Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK and current Middle East envoy (as well as million dollar political speaker they say), speaks fluent French.

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Paddy Ashdown speaks … Mandarin Chinese

Did you know that Paddy Ashdown, one time leader of the Liberal Party  in the UK and British Diplomat,  is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and is a fully qualified Chinese Mandarin interpreter?

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Michel Thomas Language Courses Are Still The Best

After all these years, the extended range of Michel Thomas audio-only language courses still makes Michel Thomas one of our bestselling language courses all  around the world.   Millions of people have learnt a new language with Michel Thomas where other language courses have failed them.   [Read more…]

Give a Language Gift Every Day!

How better to start off the New Year with a 2009 calendar in Spanish, French, German or Italian? You’ll be able to practise a little bit of language every day and you’ll be kept up-to-date about international holidays and events every day. Get organised and get the language advantage! [Read more…]