The easiest languages for English speakers to learn

Following on from our last blog post about tips for making languages easier to learn, today we’re going to be visiting several of the top ten easiest languages for English speakers to learn. Just think – if you choose one of these languages and then apply the tips we offered earlier in the last post, you could be holding conversations in your language of choice in no time!

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Could funny cats help you learn Spanish?

black cat

Photo taken by Andrea Lainé

You can barely visit YouTube these days without stumbling upon a funny cat video, and their immense popularity has been recognised time and time again in the global media. Now, one company has found that these cute critters might have a purpose other than making us laugh which could even help us improve our language skills.

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Spanish Government Wants New Citizens To Do Spanish-Language Tests

In a bid to amend nationality requirements for all foreigners who want Spanish nationality in Spain, the Spanish government has proposed that all new citizens do Spanish-language tests. It is hoped that new citizens who want Spanish nationality will learn to read, write and speak the Spanish language to gain nationality.

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Protection Of Catalan Language Strengthens Pro-Independence In Catalonia

As the Catalan language was banned under the Franco dictatorship in Spain, Catalan people have felt strongly about keeping the language going despite the censorship. Since democracy returned to Spain in the 1970’s, a lot of money and effort has been put into protecting the Catalan language. Tourists today will note that Catalan is spoken everywhere in Spain’s second city Barcelona, for instance, and that even adverts, menus and traffic signs there are all in the Catalan language.

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WE LOVE MUZZY! Muzzy Review Coming Soon!

bbc muzzy 20th anniversary edition level 2We love Muzzy. We really do and it seems that so do many of you as the famous BBC Muzzy is still one of the best and most innovative language courses for kids on the market today. Just put on the DVD and see your young kids captivated by their new language. This could be the most important gift you ever give your child. And, what’s more, we have a young mum trying out this BBC muzzy course on her two little boys as we speak. Her review will be coming soon!

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Summer Sale Offer From Think Language Online Audio Magazines!

think french april 2012 issueThink Language Summer Sunshine Special Sale Offer!

To celebrate the Summer sunshine, we’ve been contacted by our friends at Think Language online audiomagazines with an amazing special low price offer for their Think French & Think Spanish online audiomagazines – and what’s more, it’s a great deal for you, our Language Advantage Newsletter subscribers!

This special price will only be offered between the 8th June 2012 and the 15th June 2012 inclusive. If you order a Think French or Think Spanish subscription between these dates, you will pay only $79 plus receive free back issues of the Think Spanish or Think French online audiomagazine. That’s more than a 20% discount, which sounds like a great deal to us! [Read more…]

Latest Reviews! Michel Thomas Start Language Courses

michel thomas method start greek language coursesOur intrepid panel of international reviewers has done it again! Andy Dunhill from Huddersfield, UK and Sue Gooch from London, UK both took on our request to review a Michel Thomas Start language course. Andy tried the Michel Thomas Start Spanish course and Sue tried her hand at the Michel Thomas Start Greek course. Both are interested in learning languages for different reasons. We introduced them to the Michel Thomas Start language course and both had very different things to say about their particular course>> [Read more…]

Michel Thomas Method START Spanish Language Course Review

An independent language advantage course review by Andy Dunhill – Huddersfield, UK

michel thomas method start spanish language courseI wanted to learn Spanish to be able to speak it on holiday. I have previously tried to study at evening classes and using “teach yourself” books, but with no real success other than picking up a little vocabulary. Using the Michel Thomas Start Spanish CD has certainly improved my ability to speak the language. [Read more…]

Semana Santa, Spain

semana santa spainSemana Santa is Holy Week in the Christian year in Spain and is celebrated this year from 1st – 8th April from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. It is a week of religious activity to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Activities include joyful fiestas to solemn processions, with highlights on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Saturday depending on which city or village you’re in.  [Read more…]

New Year, New Muzzy

bbc-muzzy-20th-anniversary-edition-level-1BBC Muzzy is still one of the best and most innovative language courses for kids on the market.   Currently available as a BBC Muzzy 20th Anniversary Edition language course, the program includes ALL five of the languages – French, Spanish, German, Italian and English.  Your child can focus on just one language – or dip in and out of all five.   [Read more…]