Review – don Quijote Spanish Language Course In Córdoba, Argentina

spanish language schools in latin america with don quijoteWe are pleased to announce a review of a Spanish language course in Latin America. One of our team recently went out to Argentina and embarked on a course to learn Spanish at a don Quijote Spanish language school in Córdoba. She wanted to refresh her Spanish language skills whilst she was travelling around Latin America. [Read more…]

Learn Spanish in Spain with don Quijote

Learn Spanish and Flamenco in Seville, Spain with don QuijoteWe are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with don Quijote, one of the best Spanish language schools in the world.

In association with don Quijote Spanish language schools, we can now offer you great Spanish language courses in some of the best locations, offering world class service. Going to Spain or Latin America will always be the best way to study Spanish and learn about the Spanish or Latin American culture. [Read more…]