Learning Languages Can Boost Your Career

Foreign language skills were ranked as second only to IT skills in a poll conducted for the National Centre for Languages (CILT) in the UK. The survey also reports that one in four of the of 500 companies canvassed said the ability to speak a second language would give a candidate the edge when applying for a job. Candidates in the UK were losing out to employees from other countries with additional language skills. [Read more…]

Language Courses for Kids

Children learn a language effortlessly until the age of 12.
Give them the language advantage!

Get your children to learn to speak other languages from day one. Research shows that children learn other languages like their mother tongue up to the age of about two or three and easily after that until the teenage years. Some may say ‘it’s too young!’ In fact, experts say that learning a second language even enhances the development of the first language … especially if it is fun!

Bestselling language course for kids

bbc-muzzy-20th-anniversary-edition-level-2BBC Muzzy is the bestselling language course for kids.
This language course is specially designed for children to give them a head start in learning French, German, Italian or Spanish.   It is fun and educational all at the same time – with DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs and books.   A perfect introduction for your young child.   Find out more about BBC Muzzy language courses for kids>>

01 Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese – Mandarin Chinese language courses for kids

02 Learn to speak French – French language courses for kids

03 Learn to speak German – German language courses for kids

04 Learn to speak Italian – Italian language courses for kids

05 Learn to speak Japanese – Japanese language courses for kids

06 Learn to speak Spanish – Spanish language courses for kids

Give your kids the language advantage and it will be their competitive advantage both at school and later in the workplace. language advantage offers the best and most innovative language courses for children from around the world to help your kids to learn to speak another language.

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Language Learning Boosts Brain Power

Researchers have discovered that learning other languages can alter the grey matter area of the brain, which is the part that processes information.

The study by University College London looked at the brains of 105 people, 80 of whom were bilingual.  It revealed that the density of the grey matter was greater in the bilinguals, especially for those who learned a second language at a younger age.

So learning a foreign language really is good for you and makes you brainier!

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