Could funny cats help you learn Spanish?

black cat

Photo taken by Andrea Lainé

You can barely visit YouTube these days without stumbling upon a funny cat video, and their immense popularity has been recognised time and time again in the global media. Now, one company has found that these cute critters might have a purpose other than making us laugh which could even help us improve our language skills.

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Tonal Languages And Musical Ability Are A Good Mix

Scientists have shown in a research study that people who speak languages, have a greater ability to learn music than those who do not. In particular, those who speak tonal languages such as Cantonese and Thai, have a much better ear for learning music. It is thought that these languages resemble music due to their pitch and tonal patterns.

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Scientists Claim That All Languages Came Out Of Africa

Research of languages carried out by scientists at the University of Auckland and Oxford University, claims that all languages stem from sub-Saharan Africa around 150,000 years ago.

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