Learn Irish For Saint Patrick’s Day!

Start a trend and learn Irish or Irish Gaelic for Saint Patrick’s Day this year. In case you hadn’t noticed all the green celebrations happening on the 17th March, it is Saint Patrick’s Day! This day celebrates Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland. It is a Christian festival inviting you to think about Saint Patrick, as well as loved ones overseas. It is a national holiday in Ireland and a Bank Holiday in Northern Ireland. [Read more…]

Get Your Kids Learning Languages With The Lingo Show TV Series!

The Lingo Show is a 10 minute TV programme filled with songs, stories and cartoons to encourage young children to learn languages. The Lingo Show has a new series starting on the 12th March 2012 on CBeebies (BBC). The first series will look at Mandarin Chinese, French and Spanish.

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Greeks Learn German Language Due To Recession

A five year recession, an extremely high rate of unemployment and a shrinking economy have all taken their toll on the country of Greece. The Greek people want jobs and want to work to show that they can be productive but the recession and the lack of jobs in Greece are making things very difficult. Recently however, hundreds of Greeks have been turning to the German language in an effort to improve their situation. [Read more…]

New Review! Think Spanish Audio Magazine

think spanish november 2011We’re thrilled to put up the first review from our new panel of international reviewers! Rosemarie Goonewardene from Indiana, USA, answered our recent call for volunteers to write reviews of a range of language courses. Rosemarie’s review is about the Think Spanish audio magazine November 2011. She became interested in learning Spanish when she wanted to visit friends in Mexico and also after travelling to Costa Rica and Guatemala. We introduced her to the Think Spanish audio magazine and this is what she had to say>>

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Britain’s Reluctance To Learn Languages Will Cost Us Dear

A recent article in The Guardian once again highlights the serious lack of language skills in the UK.  With even lower numbers of young people learning languages and the rise of the importance of global trade with countries such as China, Brazil and Arab-speaking countries, there is a fear that the UK is going to get left behind in the competitive global market.

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Footballers Encourage Pupils To Learn French

Two footballers from the Scottish Premier League are encouraging students at a local school in Inverness to learn French. French players Gregory Tade and Kenny Gillet who play for the Inverness Caledonian Thistles in Scotland, were invited by the school to help pupils learn to speak the French language. Their presence at the school and encouragement have boosted the pupils’ interest in learning the French language.

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Chinese New Year 2012 – Year Of The Dragon

eurotalk talk now mandarin chineseThe start of the Chinese New Year begins on the 23rd January this year – 2012. This year is the Year of the Dragon and marks the beginning of the Chinese year 4710.   Why not learn to speak one of the most important languages in the world – Mandarin Chinese. To honour the start of the Chinese New Year, we are highlighting our recommended top ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, featuring some of the best and most innovative language providers in the world.

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The Latest Special Offers From don Quijote


Get access here to the latest offers on Spanish language courses and accommodation from don Quijote.

We’ve teamed up with don Quijote, one of the best Spanish language schools in the world to offer you great Spanish courses in fabulous locations and most importantly good service. [Read more…]

iPod & MP3 Earworms Rapid French Volume 2 Review

earworms rapid french volume 2 language coursesAn independent language course review by Andrea Lainé

The Earworms Rapid French Volume 2 downloadable version, is the follow-on audio language course after Earworms Rapid French Volume 1.

Having already tried out Volume 1, I found that Volume 2 was at a faster pace and  learning  much longer phrases. Again, we meet native French presenters as in Volume 1 and with the same method of learning the French language via rhythmic music for 70 minutes. We hear techno, reggae, chilled out music and even echo effects that are quite catchy! It’s this catchy and melodic music that helps you to pick up the language quickly and also helps you to remember particular words and phrases. This is what Earworms calls the ‘accelerated learning technique’.

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iPod & MP3 Earworms Rapid French Volume 1 Review

An independent language course review by Andrea Lainé

earworms rapid french language coursesNow this is a new learning experience for me: learning a language through the use of music. This is an interesting concept and something that Earworms calls an  ‘accelerated learning technique’. The idea behind it is to listen to words and phrases in a rhythmic way set to melodic music . You feel at ease as you listen and somehow the phrases become catchy and easy to recall.

I tried Volume 1 of the Earworms Rapid French language course which is the downloadable version (it is also available on CD). It is audio only (although a phrase book is included – more on this later). It is just over an hour long (70 minutes) and covers subjects that you might encounter whilst you are abroad such as ordering things, asking for things, asking directions, telling the time, numbers, days of the week, greetings and other useful expressions. You also cover verbs such as to eat, to order, to buy, to rent as well as asking questions such as ‘do you like?’, ‘what’s this?’ and ‘how much is it?’.

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