Teach Yourself Business Mandarin Chinese

teach-yourself-business-mandarin-chineseDo you want to win more business in China?
Do you want to serve your Mandarin Chinese-speaking customers better?
Do you want to work more effectively with your international business partners?

Teach Yourself Business Mandarin Chinese is a three-hour, all-audio, straightforward course that will help you to acquire essential up-to-date business language to use in China. [Read more…]

‘Chinglish’ – A New York Comedy Explores Cultural Barriers

A recently opened comedy in New York’s Broadway called ‘Chinglish’, is causing a stir for all the right reasons. The play opens up conversation about the communication gap between the English-speaking world and China, but in a light-hearted way. It makes light of the cultural barriers which can happen when an English-speaking person tries to communicate or do business with a Chinese-speaking person. The play is in English and Mandarin Chinese.

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Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day!

20 October is Vietnamese Women’s Day.  It is a very important day for all Vietnamese women when they are really treasured. Husbands show their love for their wives and children show their love for their mothers.  It is also a day when men traditionally give women beautiful roses and gifts and do all the housework!

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Bilingual Homes Aid Language Learning For Babies

A study conducted by the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, has revealed that children who are raised in bilingual homes, increases the likelihood that they will have a greater capacity to learn languages for longer during their lifetime, than those who are not raised in bilingual homes.

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Hindi Day

Did you know that the 14th September is Hindi Day? Also known as Hindi Diwas, this date marks the day when Hindi became the official language of India. It was first acknowledged on the 14th September 1949 when it was spoken during a United Nations conference in New York.

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Happy Birthday Esperanto!

The international language Esperanto is 124 years old.  It was devised by Ludvic Lazarus Zamenhof and designed for international communication and the peaceful coexistence of different people and cultures. Today there are reportedly two to three million speakers of Esperanto worldwide.

The 96th World Congress of Esperanto is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 23-30 July 2011.  The annual meetings have been held all over Europe and the United States, as well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, Israel, Japan, South Korea,  and Vietnam is scheduled for 2012.

Hear more about Esperanto on the BBC’s Today Programme>>

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Get To Know Your Holiday Destination With Lonely Planet Country Guides!

Are you planning on going on holiday this summer or perhaps later in the year? Apart from learning the language, really get to know your holiday destination by reading up about the culture, people and best places to visit with the Lonely Planet range of country and travel guides.

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Think Italian – A New Online Audio Language Magazine

think italian audio magazinesWe are pleased to announce that we have now added the Think Italian online audio language magazines to our range of hand-picked innovative language learning courses. The Think Italian online audio language magazine is more than a simple Italian language course – it is designed to help you to learn and improve your Italian while teaching you about the life and culture in Italy.

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