Top tips for learning languages easily

If your New Year’s resolution was to learn a new language but you haven’t quite got round to it yet, what are you waiting for?! We’re halfway through February, it’s still bleak outside and it’s the perfect time to put these long winter nights to good use with some language learning. And of course, if you start now, your conversation skills should be in pretty good shape for your summer holiday…

1)      Be a social butterfly

If you use Facebook every day, one simple way to ease yourself into a new language is to change the language of your account. You can ‘aime’ your friends’ posts in no time, and you’ll be surprised by how quickly you adapt. Brushing up on your language skills while you socialise online? Yes, really…

2)      Little and often

Many people find the time commitment associated with learning a new language intimidating. However, you really don’t have to spend an hour every single day poring over books and dictionaries. Apps like Duolingo are perfect for dipping into a language in quick ten minute bursts when you’re running a bath or waiting for a bus, helping you fit language learning into your busy schedule. Alternatively, Language Advantage offers the Earworms Rapid Languages range for speedy, song-based teaching.

3)      Eat your words

When you go on holiday, many of your interactions with locals will be around food when you stop for a bite to eat. This is the perfect excuse for you to try that new French restaurant in town or the traditional Italian deli round the corner. See how much of the menu you understand, and you can even practise your accents with your lucky companion.

4)      Watch your language

When the weather is wild outside, batten down the hatches and curl up with a foreign language film. Keep the subtitles on for support or turn them off if you really want to push yourself. In the early stages of language learning, try to watch a children’s film in your language of choice without subtitles so you can familiarise yourself with more common words before you grapple with that gritty art-house drama.

5)      Come fly with me

It is widely known that immersing yourself in a language rapidly improves language skills. This is why exchange programmes are so popular at school. The great news is that Language Advantage offers a range of brilliant overseas language courses, meaning you can enjoy the sunshine, polish up your language and make new friends in the process.

What’s your best tip for making language learning easy?

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