Japanese Viewer Sues Japanese TV Channel for Overuse of English Words

A Japanese viewer is suing a Japanese TV channel called NHK, due to the ‘mental distress’ he says was caused by the channel using too many English words. His lawyer confirms that the basis for this is the concern that Japan is being¬†Americanised. Modern Japanese vocabulary¬†has many English words which have been changed to fit the Japanese word structure.

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Turning Japanese with Justin Lee Collins – Episode 1

The first episode of ‘Turning Japanese’ on the UK’s Channel 5 screened on 27 January 2011 features Justin Lee Collins taking a ‘hilarious’ and somewhat alternative look at Japanese life and culture. [Read more…]

Rock Star Keeping the Okinawan Language Alive

A wannabe Japanese rock star is working to prevent the Okinawan language from becoming extinct.

Byron Fija, whose mother was Okinawan and father¬†American, had orgininally denied his Japanese heritage and left Japan for America, in an attempt to become a rock star. But when that did not work out, he returned to Okinawa [Read more…]