Enjoy Your Summer Break With Earworms Rapid Language Courses!

earworms rapid greek language coursesAre you going on holiday this summer? Need to learn the lingo before you go or when you’re there? What better way to pick up some language in a fun and unique way than by learning using the Earworms Rapid language courses. The Earworms Rapid language course range is available in 15 languages including Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese, French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish. What’s more, you can learn to speak a language on the go on your CD, MP3, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! [Read more…]

Online Audio Language Magazines

language advantage recommends our top audio magazines Think French, Think Spanish and Think Italian.

Think Italian online audio language magazineThink French online audio language magazineThink Spanish online audio language magazine

These innovative audio magazines are great if you’re not using your languages as much as you would like, but want to perfect your language skills online or on the move. If you at intermediate or advanced level in French, Spanish and Italian and now want to improve or maintain your fluency, then Think Language audio magazines are for you.

They will help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension and conversation skills, whilst expanding your cultural knowledge at the same time.

Each online audio language magazine is packed with features about the arts and entertainment world, people and places, current news and events, history, food, recipes and much more.

The magazines are available either monthly online by annual subscription, with PDF downloads of articles and audio clips to iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, MP3, mobile phone, PC and many other devices.

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