Interactive European language map

Do you ever find yourself wondering how to say common words in other languages? Do you know how to order a white wine/ vin blanc/ hvitvin/ valkoviini on your next holiday? What if you need to know when the next train/ næsta lest/ prossimo treno will be?

This fantastic interactive European language map is your new best friend if you’re already planning your travels around Europe for the year. Simply type in a one- or two-word phrase and Google Translate will give you that phrase in the vast majority of European languages to make travelling a breeze.

James Trimble of UK Data Explorer was interested in the shared lexical etymology of Europe, and created this map for a quick at-a-glance guide to those languages with shared origins. However, it’s also great for those of us interested in learning not just one language, but many. That’s certainly something we like to see at Language Advantage!

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