64 Indigenous Dialects In Mexico Are At Risk Of Dying Out

Mexico has 68 Indigenous languages with 364 Indian dialects. However, some Mexican language experts say that 64 of the dialects are at a very high risk of dying out altogether as there are less than 100 speakers of each of these dialects. One reason for the decrease in the number of speakers is down to parents not passing on the language to their children.

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Milkman Overcomes Language Barrier by Learning Gujarati

A 69-year old white, English-born milkman from Blackburn, has become almost fluent in Gujarati, after doing his milk rounds in the town’s Asian community for the last 50 years.

John Mather’s ability to procure foodstuffs that the Asian population couldn’t find in local shops in the 1960’s put him in great demand, but he soon came up against the language barrier, with neither him nor his customers being able to understand each other. [Read more…]