Words from India … what a Hullabaloo!

Did you know that a lot of words we use in everyday life in the English language originated in India, including the word ‘Hullabaloo’? You might be surprised at just how many words you recognise. The words vary from clothes (pyjamas, bandana, pashmina) to food (chutney, char, curry) to modes of transport (catamaran, dinghy, juggernaut).

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Festival of Lights – Diwali 2010

This year the Diwali festival will take place on Tuesday 26th October 2010. The date of the Diwali changes according to the position of the moon.

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New Language Found in India

A ‘hidden’ language spoken by only about a thousand people has been discovered in the remote northeast corner of India – while the 2010 Commonwealth Games were taking place in Delhi.

The new language is called Koro.  It was thought that the language was a dialect of the Aka culture, a tribal community that subsists on farming and hunting near the border with China and Tibet.  However, further research has shown that there are more differences than first thought, including completely different vocabulary and some important differences in linguistic structure.