Languages and Business Forum – Berlin, Germany

Are you an international company, language school or trade association interested in connecting with the largest global conference on technology-supported learning and training for the corporate, education and public service sectors? You might be interested to learn that the first forum on business communication will be taking place on the 4th December 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

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Oktoberfest – Bier, Bier And More Bier!

Official-Oktoberfest-2012-posterThe Munich Oktoberfest in Germany takes place from the 22nd September until the 7th October 2012. The Oktoberfest is essentially a huge annual beer festival with music, performances, fun fairs, German food and of course, lots and lots of beer drinking!

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Greeks Learn German Language Due To Recession

A five year recession, an extremely high rate of unemployment and a shrinking economy have all taken their toll on the country of Greece. The Greek people want jobs and want to work to show that they can be productive but the recession and the lack of jobs in Greece are making things very difficult. Recently however, hundreds of Greeks have been turning to the German language in an effort to improve their situation. [Read more…]

Oktoberfest, Germany

This year, the Munich Oktoberfest held in Germany takes place from 17th September until 3rd October 2011. Where else can you go and celebrate drinking beer en masse?! Oktoberfest is a huge annual festival with music, performances, fun fairs, great German food and of course, lots of beer drinking!

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The Eurovision Song Contest Is Back!

Yes folks … it’s that time again! On 14 May 2011, Düsseldorf in Germany plays host to the 56th Eurovision Song Contest. The Eurovision Song Contest is truly an international event and is one of the longest running and most watched shows on television in the world. The contest involves singers from 43 countries, across three days and is watched by over 100 million people around the world. [Read more…]

First Indigenous-Language Taiwanese Film a Success

The first film written entirely in the Taiwanese Atayal language has been well received by audiences at The International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg in Germany.  The film, ‘Everlasting Moments’, focussed on man’s relationship with nature and marked an important step in promoting indigenous languages.

Atayal is spoken by approximately 85,000 people and is one of Taiwans’ many languages, which also include Hakka, Mandarin and Min Nan (all Chinese), Amis, Japanese and Thao.  Taiwan also has several endangered and extinct languages, such as the extinct Basay and the nearly extinct Babuza.

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Oktoberfest 2009

The Munich Oktoberfest held in Germany will take place from 19th September until 4th October 2009. It is a huge festival dedicated to lots of beer drinking!

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Languages & Business Conference 2009

8th Conference on Languages and International Business Communication
15 – 17 June 2009 | Duesseldorf, Germany

Languages & Business 2009 takes a professional look at the subject of language training for business. The annual event offers a forum for the exchange of experiences and the chance to get up-to-date with best practice. [Read more…]