Did you know … that ‘hotel de ville’ is not a French hotel?

Ah … the woes of not understanding a language very well!   One Friday night, a British tourist  dropped into  the hotel de ville in the small town of Dannemarie in France thinking it was a hotel. The tourist wanted to check into the ‘hotel’ but finding no-one at the reception desk, she used the toilet. [Read more…]

European Music Day Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary in Greece

European Music Day is on 21 June 2009.   It is an annual event turning the streets in cities all across Europe into music stages – free for everyone.   European Music Day started in Greece ten years ago and now constitutes the biggest music event in the country, transforming over 23 cities with more than 70 bands all over Greece in 2009.   [Read more…]

Celebrate May Day Around The Maypole

This Friday 1st May is May Day. There are many traditional May Day celebrations around the world.   The first day of May is observed in Canada, United States and in some parts of Western Europe as a celebration of the coming of spring.   In the UK, May Day is observed on the first Monday of May (also known as Bank Holiday Monday). [Read more…]