Huge Success For French Movies … In Britain

Attendance for French language and French-made movies rose dramatically last year … in Britain. It seems that us Brits just can’t get enough of all films French which is proving a huge boost to the French cinema industry. Unifrance, which promotes French films overseas, says that the rise in attendance for French films in the UK is not down to just one film but to several films and a growing appetite for French films, in the UK.

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Graphology And The French

Graphology, or the analysis of handwriting, is still used widely by companies in France during the recruitment process of potential employees. In addition to the CV, personality tests and the interview, a potential candidate also has their handwriting analysed by professional graphologists. It is thought that a combination of these give a clear picture about the candidate and whether they are right for the job.

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Journée Internationale de la Francophonie – 20th March

International-Teddy-bear-FranceWith over 200 million French-speakers around the world, International Francophonie Day or Journée Internationale de la Francophonie, is a great chance to shout out about the French language! Every year on the 20th March, this day celebrates and promotes cultural diversity and the French language. Events take place around the world to encourage people to learn the French language further and to champion its culture with concerts, exhibitions, talks and forums. [Read more…]

Le Quatorze Juillet

Bastille Day, known in French as le quatorze juillet or Fête Nationale,  is a French National holiday held on the 14 July each year.  It was on this day in 1789  when hundreds of Parisians stormed the Bastille Prison in Paris starting the French Revolution and bringing about the end of the monarchy.   [Read more…]

Today is Poisson D’Avril!


Photo taken by Andrea Lainé

The 1st of April is called ‘Poisson d’avril’ in France and other French-speaking countries. It means literally ‘Fish of April’ and children try and stick a paper fish on the backs of their family and friends. In other parts of the world, the 1st of April is well-known as April Fools Day and people play practical jokes on each other.

One of the best know April Fools Day spoofs was by the BBC in 1957, supposedly showing a family in Switzerland harvesting from spaghetti trees. Find out more and watch the clip

What practical jokes will you play today?!

International Francophonie Day – 20th March 2012

Today is International Francophonie Day or Journée Internationale de la Francophonie. Every year on the 20th March, this day celebrates and promotes cultural diversity and the French language. With over 200 million French-speakers around the world, events to encourage the French language further, include concerts, exhibitions, talks and forums.

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Mademoiselle … No More

Do you consider yourself a ‘Madame’ or a ‘Mademoiselle’? A ‘Senorita’ or ‘Signorina’? Well, it doesn’t matter in the French language anymore as a town in Western France (Cesson-Sevigne) has banned the word ‘Mademoiselle’ (or ‘Miss’ – UK equivalent) from all of its official documents. The reason for this is that the town’s community believes that women should not be defined by their status anymore. Men have always been addressed as ‘Monsieur’ once they become teenagers.

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Celebrate European Music Day 2011

European Music Day falls on 21 June 2011. It is an annual event turning the streets in cities all across Europe into music stages – and what’s more, it’s free for everyone!

The European Music Day was born in France in 1982, when the then French Minister of Culture Jack Lang and the French Ministry of Culture, set up Music Day (Fete de la Musique) for the first time. [Read more…]

Paris Or Guadeloupe … What’s It To Be?

Learn French with our intensive French language courses in Canada and FranceFrom chic Paris to beautiful Aix-en-Provence to the exotic beaches of Guadeloupe, we offer a variety of French courses to suit all needs and budgets. You can take a standard language course from as little as one week, or add a little joie de vivre with an activity such as cooking, surfing, golf or wine tasting.   You’ll spend your morning studying the French language [Read more…]

French Business and Culture Workshop


Sarah Carroll,’s founder, is speaking at UK Trade Investment’s Business and Culture Workshop on France in London on Tuesday 13 October 2009.

The workshop will explore the business challenges faced by existing UK exporters to France and will help exporters discover practical solutions and business advice to overcome potential language, communication and cultural barriers when trading in the French market. [Read more…]