2010 – A Special Year For Mexico… Viva Mexico!

Mexican flagEvery year on the 16th September, millions of Mexicans around the world celebrate Mexico’s independence from Spanish rule. For almost 300 years, the indigenous peoples of Mexico had suffered from the ruthless dictatorship of the Spaniards.  

This year is a very special year for Mexico as it is the bicentenary of Mexico’s independence from Spain. With parties in many zocalos around Mexico on the 15th September and then parades on the 16th September, it was truly a large fiesta for the country.

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Take the Bull by the Horns … Learn to Speak Spanish!

The Pamplona Bull Run runs from 6 – 14 July 2009 in Pamplona, Spain.     It is known as El Encierro in Spanish and takes place as part of the Fiesta de San Fermín. The Running of the Bulls was made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his account of the festival in ‘The Sun Also Rises’.   [Read more…]