64 Indigenous Dialects In Mexico Are At Risk Of Dying Out

Mexico has 68 Indigenous languages with 364 Indian dialects. However, some Mexican language experts say that 64 of the dialects are at a very high risk of dying out altogether as there are less than 100 speakers of each of these dialects. One reason for the decrease in the number of speakers is down to parents not passing on the language to their children.

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Rock Star Keeping the Okinawan Language Alive

A wannabe Japanese rock star is working to prevent the Okinawan language from becoming extinct.

Byron Fija, whose mother was Okinawan and father American, had orgininally denied his Japanese heritage and left Japan for America, in an attempt to become a rock star. But when that did not work out, he returned to Okinawa [Read more…]

Should Dying Languages be Saved?

Of the 6,000 languages spoken worldwide, the Foundation for Endangered Languages estimates that between 500 and 1,000 are spoken by only a handful of people, and every year the world loses around 25 languages.  This is known as language death.

Earlier this year, the Bo tribe became extinct and the Bo language died out when its last speaker, an 85-year-old who had survived the December 2004 tsunami, died in the Indian Andaman islands.

Language experts gathered at a UK university to discuss what to do about dying languages, and focused on indigenous languages in Ireland, Australia, Spain and China.

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