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Summer Issue August 2011 Newsletter this issue

Welcome to the summer issue of the Language Advantage Newsletter! Our focus is all about fast language learning for holidays and vacations. We bring you two of our recommended bestselling language products you can use before you go on holiday or while you’re already in your holiday destination. More bestselling products are available on [Read more…]

The Latest Special Offers From Ectaco


Get access to the latest offers and products available from Ectaco electronic handheld translators and dictionaries.

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Electronic Dictionaries and Translators

language advantage recommends you the bestselling handheld electronic dictionaries and translators.

An electronic dictionary and translator can be used alongside your language learning or in business to help you get the language advantage!

Language Teacher®. Electronic pocket talking translators
You can find electronic dictionaries and translators for over 30 languages, each helping you to overcome language challenges while studying or working.  An electronic translator or electronic dictionary is a smart way to avoid unnecessary difficulties when traveling, studying languages, communicating with speakers of other languages and in many other situations. Many of the translators are based on advanced text-to-speech and speech recognition technologies and have the added functions of a business organizer, as well as extensive bidirectional vocabularies (up to 1,000,000 words and more), voice recognition and/or synthesis, phrase banks containing colloquial expressions and common phrases, grammar references and lots more.


Our Pick Of The Bestselling Handheld Electronic Dictionaries And Translators

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