Political Correctness Affects British Sign Language

Not only is political correctness rife in the everyday and worklife in the UK (and amongst many other countries in the world) but it appears to have affected Britain’s deaf community. Certain signs used in British Sign Language, are now considered as ‘offensive’ and ‘culturally insensitive’. Examples of the ‘offensive’ include signing a slanted eye when talking about the Chinese and imitating the twirling of a moustache when referring to France.

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The Beckhams are learning … sign language

Did you know the Beckhams are learning sign language with their children Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz so that they can communicate with a friend of theirs who is deaf? David Beckham, wife Victoria and kids are all receiving tuition on a regular basis.

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Deaf Voters ‘Unheard’ By Politicians

An estimated 90,000 deaf people in the UK rely on British Sign Language (BSL) to communicate – but only one political party has ever used it in its election broadcasts.

Tessa Padden, a television presenter and BSL translator currently involved with the BSL:UPTAKE project at Heriot-Watt University,believes this leaves many deaf people excluded from the democratic process.

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