WE LOVE MUZZY! Muzzy Review Coming Soon!

bbc muzzy 20th anniversary edition level 2We love Muzzy. We really do and it seems that so do many of you as the famous BBC Muzzy is still one of the best and most innovative language courses for kids on the market today. Just put on the DVD and see your young kids captivated by their new language. This could be the most important gift you ever give your child. And, what’s more, we have a young mum trying out this BBC muzzy course on her two little boys as we speak. Her review will be coming soon!

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Winter Warmers! Stay In With A Language Course!

bbc talk portugueseIt’s that time again, when the nights are drawing in, it’s getting a bit frosty and cold and Christmas is just around the corner! But before we even think about Christmas presents, why not keep warm by staying in and learning a new language or brushing up on one? We have a great choice of bestselling language courses to suit most ages, tastes and levels.

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New Review! Think French Online Audiomagazine Review

think french july 2012 issueThe reviews from our international panel of reviewers keep rolling in! This review of the Think French online audiomagazine October 2011 issue is by Ali Gibbs of Brighton, UK.  She wanted to develop her French language learning skills so, we introduced her to the Think French audio magazine and this is what she had to say>>

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Latest Reviews! Michel Thomas Start Language Courses

michel thomas method start greek language coursesOur intrepid panel of international reviewers has done it again! Andy Dunhill from Huddersfield, UK and Sue Gooch from London, UK both took on our request to review a Michel Thomas Start language course. Andy tried the Michel Thomas Start Spanish course and Sue tried her hand at the Michel Thomas Start Greek course. Both are interested in learning languages for different reasons. We introduced them to the Michel Thomas Start language course and both had very different things to say about their particular course>> [Read more…]

Michel Thomas Method START Spanish Language Course Review

An independent language advantage course review by Andy Dunhill – Huddersfield, UK

michel thomas method start spanish language courseI wanted to learn Spanish to be able to speak it on holiday. I have previously tried to study at evening classes and using “teach yourself” books, but with no real success other than picking up a little vocabulary. Using the Michel Thomas Start Spanish CD has certainly improved my ability to speak the language. [Read more…]

Michel Thomas Start Greek Language Course Review

An independent language advantage course review by Sue Gooch – London, UK

michel thomas method start greek language coursesThe Michel Thomas method of learning promises that you can learn the Greek language in just a few hours without the need for note taking, grammar learning, homework or memorising. It is particularly good for language learners who lack confidence in their ability to learn another language as it builds up very gradually and slowly, starting with what you already know by introducing many of the words in the target language that are already common in the English language. [Read more…]

More NEW Language Courses From Michel Thomas!

miche thomas method spanish total and perfect deluxe setWe’re constantly on the look out for new and interesting courses here at Language Advantage Limited. We’ve just finished updating our Michel Thomas language course pages with even more NEW! language courses! The new Michel Thomas Start, Michel Thomas Total, Michel Thomas Perfect and Michel Thomas Masterclass courses are now available in the USA. Look out for NEW! next to a product on the Michel Thomas language course pages for the latest new product.

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New Review! Think Spanish Audio Magazine

think spanish november 2011We’re thrilled to put up the first review from our new panel of international reviewers! Rosemarie Goonewardene from Indiana, USA, answered our recent call for volunteers to write reviews of a range of language courses. Rosemarie’s review is about the Think Spanish audio magazine November 2011. She became interested in learning Spanish when she wanted to visit friends in Mexico and also after travelling to Costa Rica and Guatemala. We introduced her to the Think Spanish audio magazine and this is what she had to say>>

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Think Spanish Online Audio Magazine Review – November 2011

An independent language advantage course review by Rosemarie Goonewardene – Indiana, USA

think spanish november 2011I became interested in learning Spanish when I wanted to visit friends in Mexico.  My first attempt was a Spanish beginner’s class covering a few topics related to travel. Some time later, I took a couple of traditional Spanish classes, but the main emphasis was on grammar and there wasn’t much conversation practice. I looked at various Spanish language text books and found many of them confusing, although I did find listening to the accompanying tapes helpful.

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New Year, New Language!

earworms rapid russian language coursesIs one of your New Year’s resolutions to learn a new language in 2012? Or improve on a language that’s gone rusty? If you want to make serious progress this year, we’ve hand-picked the best language courses for you, so you can get learning right away! You can start as a beginner and work your way right up to advanced (OK, it might take you a bit longer than a year!). Make a start and make language learning a priority this year and get your language advantage!

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