Top 6 Trends in Language Learning for 2019

We’ve seen some enormous changes in language learning over the last few years. While language learning courses, language books and language audio CDs are still popular, smartphones and high-speed internet connections have opened up a world of intuitive language learning options that have made learning a language accessible to everyone, whether you’re on your morning commute or your 15 minute coffee break at work. Apps like Google Translate have been game-changers when it comes to travel or trying to make sense of menus and information signs, and with internet connection and webcam you can now have personalised 1-1 Skype lessons with a native teacher from the comfort of your home.

We want to give you the language advantage so we’ve done our research on the top 6 trends in language learning in 2019:

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What’s the best method to learn a new language?

Like many people, I have promised myself time and time again that I will brush up on my foreign language of choice. However, the GCSE French textbooks I stashed away many years ago, confident I’d definitely use them again, have remained in a bag in the back of a cupboard somewhere ever since I put my pen down in my final exam. Now I’m out of education and I have a little more free time, I would like to make a proper attempt at re-learning everything I’ve forgotten. But what’s the best way to go about it?


Textbooks are great for giving you a consistent source of information. You will learn the correct grammatical structures and spellings, and the same terminology will be used throughout. Textbooks are also great if you want to keep revisiting the same material. However, it will be tricky to learn the accent with a textbook alone, so a textbook and CD-ROM combination might be more valuable.


Lots of language courses are delivered solely via mp3 audio files or audio CDs. These are good as they help you pick up the nuances of the pronunciation and the rhythm and intonation patterns, which can help you become a more natural, fluent speaker. However, you may receive less exposure to spellings, which you will need to learn alongside the audio course to reinforce your understanding.

Face-to-face courses

Evening classes are a fantastic way to hone your skills with other like-minded friends. You can test your skills in conversation classes and learn from experts and other amateurs and benefit from your new support network. Many language courses now take place overseas in countries with native speakers, giving you a more immersive experience and allowing you to familiarise yourself with the language with natives in their own environment for the ultimate challenge.


Apps are the biggest trend in language learning right now. Apps like Duolingo can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet, meaning you can learn languages on the move. They are designed to be used in short bursts, perhaps when you’re on the bus or waiting for a meeting to begin, meaning you can cram your learning into your busy schedule. ‘Being too busy’ is no longer an excuse, as your lessons come with you!

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Give the gift of Michel Thomas!

Christmas is nearly upon us and the New Year is just around the corner. Do you need a lastminute gift for someone and can’t think of what to get? How about giving the gift of Michel Thomas! Michel Thomas language courses are available in over 10 languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian as well as Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.

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Learn over 100 languages with Eurotalk!

Now you can learn over 100 languages with Eurotalk! We’re excited to have finished adding all of the Eurotalk language courses in our shop and just in time for Christmas too. Eurotalk is one of the world’s leaders in language learning software and their language courses would make an ideal gift for someone. With over 100 languages to choose from, there’s a language for everyone!

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New Year Review! BBC Active Quickstart French

bbc-active-quickstart-frenchGoing to France this year? Or, another French-speaking country? We asked one of our volunteer reviewers, Becky Delalandre, to review the BBC Active Quickstart French language course. Becky had some knowledge of the French language from her school days but wanted to brush up on her skills to help her feel more confident speaking French during trips to France. So, we introduced her to the BBC Active Quickstart French language course and, this is what she had to say>>

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BBC Active Quickstart French Language Course Review

bbc-active-quickstart-frenchAn independent language advantage course review by Becky Delalandre – Worcester, UK

I have some knowledge of the French language from school and I also did a recreational GCSE French course around 8 years ago.  I wanted to brush up on my skills and to gain confidence to speak more French while in France. I tried the BBC Active Quickstart French language course and think that it is good value for money at £13.99. As a beginner, I found the course easy to follow. Each section used reflective learning methods where a conversation took place in French, after an introduction in English. This conversation was then broken down into multiple sections and there was time for you to repeat each sentence and to answer the questions relating to the phrases.

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New Year Language Resolutions With Language Advantage!

With the coming of the New Year, everyone makes resolutions. Why not make learning a new language your resolution in 2013? Or, improve on a language that you have already been learning? We’ve hand-picked the best language courses for you, to help you make a start! Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, we have some great suggestions for you. Get your language advantage moving this year and try one of these language courses! [Read more…]

New Review! Michel Thomas Method: Polish Introductory Course

michel thomas method polish introductory courseDo you fancy learning Polish? This review of the Michel Thomas Method: Polish Introductory course is by Imelda Michalczyk of Surbiton, UK who has wanted to study Polish for years. She struggled to learn French during her school years as she didn’t really enjoy the teaching process. So, we introduced her to the Michel Thomas Method: Polish Introductory course so that she could learn Polish on her own and, this is what she had to say>> [Read more…]

Michel Thomas Method: Polish Introductory Course Review!

An independent language advantage course review by Imelda Michalczyk –Surbiton,  UK 

michel thomas method polish introductory courseI’ve wanted to study Polish for years and much of my hesitation stemmed from not enjoying my experience of learning other languages at school. Despite passing my French exams, I always felt like lessons were such a struggle and that I never fully understood what was going on. I’ve even bought a ‘teach yourself’ style programme for Polish in the past, with a CD and book, but just felt daunted and never quite made a start. So, I was very intrigued by the Michel Thomas Method, which claims to teach a new language “the way you learnt your own”.

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Low Intake For Modern Language Courses At UK Universities

You may or may not be surprised to hear that the number of applications for modern language courses in UK universities, is in decline. The situation has become so critical that some universities may have to shut down whole degree programmes due to a lack of admissions. Some universities are finding it difficult to recruit language students and are restricting the availability of language courses within their degree programmes. Language students may not have as much choice as they might like.

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