What Do You Know … About Your National Anthem?

National anthems denote patriotism and great pride in a country and its people and are usually played during international sporting events and medal ceremonies. The lyrics can talk about the history, culture and even politics of a country but some national anthems stand out for more than just the meaning of their lyrics.

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Get To Know Your Holiday Destination With Lonely Planet Country Guides!

Are you planning on going on holiday this summer or perhaps later in the year? Apart from learning the language, really get to know your holiday destination by reading up about the culture, people and best places to visit with the Lonely Planet range of country and travel guides.

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World Cultures Come To Languageadvantage.com

culture-smart-uaeGoing to work or live in a new country?   Find out the best and most innovative ways to find out about a new country and its culture – including its customs, etiquette and business culture!   We’ve got guides to over 100 countries worldwide, [Read more…]