Celebrate Chinese New Year 2014!


31st January 2014 is the start of the Chinese New Year.   This year is the Year of the Horse.   Start afresh and learn to speak one of the most important languages in the world – Mandarin Chinese. We introduce our top 5 ways to learn Mandarin, featuring some of the best and most innovative language providers in the world. [Read more…]

How China’s biggest online dating website was created

Photo by Andrea Lainé

Photo by Andrea Lainé

China’s biggest online dating website Jiayuan, was created in 2003 by Rose Gong after she had a bad experience using online dating sites at the time. Her disappointing personal experience inspired her to create a serious matchmaking website with a strong identity. But, she also had the challenge of changing the perception of online dating in China as a whole.

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Are You ‘Asia Literate’?

What do you think being ‘Asia Literate’ means? For those studying Asian languages such as Japanese and Chinese, this term means much more than just learning the language. It suggests a greater understanding of Asia’s culture, cuisine and customs. It is also much more than just learning the language of a country; it represents a true understanding of cultures and other languages.

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Topshop Enters Hong Kong Retail Market

Despite Hong Kong’s notoriously high commercial rents, British fashion label Topshop has opened its first branch there, with much fanfare. Topshop is hoping to take advantage of the large numbers of mainland Chinese shoppers who go to Hong Kong for its low taxes and international brands.  Hong Kong is a shopping haven for the Chinese as it offers many international brands, such as Topshop, which are not easily accessible in China, if at all.

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Chinese New Year 2013 – Year Of The Snake

night-life-new-york-chinatownThe Chinese New Year this year, begins on the 10th February 2013. This year is the Year of the Snake (water snake), which is said to be highly motivated, insightful and influential. In honour of the Chinese New Year, why not learn to speak one of the most important languages in the world – Mandarin Chinese. We highlight our recommended top ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, featuring some of the best and most innovative language providers in the world. [Read more…]

Outrage As Modern Chinese Dictionary Includes English Words

A recently published edition of the Modern Chinese Dictionary, one of China’s bestselling dictionaries, has caused outrage amongst language purists as it contains 239 English words and acronyms. Words such as ‘GDP ‘and ‘NBA’ are included in the dictionary. Chinese language purists want to avoid including so many English words in the dictionary and have signed a petition in order to have them translated into Chinese characters or even, removed altogether.

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Mandarin Chinese Is Fast Becoming A New Language of Luxury

Wealthy Chinese tourists travelling to the United States are being treated to private shopping opportunities for luxury brands. According to a consulting firm, Chinese tourists spend more on luxury goods overseas than they do in their own country as these goods tend to be cheaper for them to buy overseas. European luxury brand stores have been capitalising on this for many years and US stores have only recently joined the race for wealthy Chinese custom. Many retailers have been learning the Mandarin Chinese language and also bringing in Mandarin-speaking staff to assist the wealthy tourists during their shopping trips to the US.

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New York Times Website Is Now Available In Chinese

The New York Times website is now available in the Chinese language after having been launched recently. The New York Times is the latest journalist website to offer a Chinese-language website after both The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal already offering Chinese-language services.

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Boom in Taiwan for Banned Chinese Language Books

Taiwan has seen a boom in the trade of Chinese language books in recent years. Imported and published books banned by the Chinese government in China for containing what it deems to be, sensitive subjects, can be easily bought in Taiwan. Chinese tourists and students go to Taiwan and freely buy the banned books in the Taiwanese bookshops or book exhibitions.

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Teach Yourself Business Mandarin Chinese

teach-yourself-business-mandarin-chineseDo you want to win more business in China?
Do you want to serve your Mandarin Chinese-speaking customers better?
Do you want to work more effectively with your international business partners?

Teach Yourself Business Mandarin Chinese is a three-hour, all-audio, straightforward course that will help you to acquire essential up-to-date business language to use in China. [Read more…]