Singing Songs To Children Could Prepare Them For Language Skills

A new book published in June 2011 by Sally Goddard Blythe called ‘The Genius of Natural Childhood’ claims that parents who sing to their child can prepare their brains for language.

“Song is a special type of speech. Lullabies, songs and rhymes of every culture carry the ‘signature’ melodies and inflections of a mother tongue, preparing a child’s ear, voice and brain for language.” [Read more…]

Language Learning Boosts Brain Power

Researchers have discovered that learning other languages can alter the grey matter area of the brain, which is the part that processes information.

The study by University College London looked at the brains of 105 people, 80 of whom were bilingual.  It revealed that the density of the grey matter was greater in the bilinguals, especially for those who learned a second language at a younger age.

So learning a foreign language really is good for you and makes you brainier!

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