Africa Has Some Of The Fastest Growing Economies In The World


Photo taken by Andrea Lainé

Experts say that Africa has some of the fastest growing economies in the world. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have both said that countries such as Ghana, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Mozambique are all maintaining significant economic growth. As Europe and the USA struggle with persistent recessions and countries such as Spain and Greece suffer massive unemployment, these African countries have seen huge growth which some say could be attributed to the thriving middle classes.

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Maasai Image And Name Are To Be Branded

The Maasai people in Kenya and Tanzania want to trademark their name and image. The Maasai is an easily recognisable culture in tribal Africa who symbolize the outdoors and adventure and wear colourful beads and costumes. They are a semi-nomadic people where cattle is a sign of status and speak the Maa language. A Maasai elder wants the Maasai name and image to be trademarked out of respect for his culture and people. Globally, there are currently more than 80 companies using either the Maasai name or image.

The Maasai elder, along with an NGO (which specialises in securing intellectual property rights in developing countries), want to brand the Maasai image and name so that companies have to get permission to use them. It is thought that the Maasai brand could be worth more than 10 million dollars a year.

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Scientists Claim That All Languages Came Out Of Africa

Research of languages carried out by scientists at the University of Auckland and Oxford University, claims that all languages stem from sub-Saharan Africa around 150,000 years ago.

Around 504 languages were analysed in the study specifically for the number of phonemes or particular sounds they have. [Read more…]

Cuts to BBC World Service Language Programmes

The BBC World Service, which started broadcasting in 1932, is to close five of its language services.  The Albanian, Macedonian, Serbian, English for the Caribbean and Portuguese for Africa services will all be axed.

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