Real-Time Translation App For Phones

Technology is so far advanced these days, that we really shouldn’t be amazed by what the latest gadget can do. However, a new app by Japan’s biggest mobile network – NTT Docomo – offers people using their phones real-time translations while they are talking to foreigners over the phone. And, all this whilst BOTH parties are speaking their own native tongue. Now, that is quite impressive.

The Japanese company, NTT Docomo will initially convert Japanese to English, Korean and Mandarin Chinese with a few other languages to follow, such as Portuguese, Spanish and French. Although the software is still not perfect it is still fairly advanced in terms of what it claims it can do. Basically, a user has to subscribe to use the app and then the user can call someone who speaks a different language, say something in their native language (Japanese) and then after a short pause, there is a voice translation of what was said as well as a text readout translation.

Other companies who will soon follow with their own translation apps for phones include French company Alcatel-Lucent and, Microsoft.

But, what do you think? Do you think that having this kind of real-time translation app will do away with professional translators and interpreters? Or, how about making it less likely for people to learn a language themselves? Send us your thoughts and opinions in the Comments Box below!

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