Mexican Independence Day 2013

Today, 16th September, marks Mexican Independence Day, the day the Central American country found itself independent from Spanish rule, where for the first time Mexicans were able to rule themselves and escape the Spanish dictatorship which had governed them for almost three centuries.

Parties, parades and fiestas take place all over Mexico on 15th and 16th September, making for a fantastic party atmosphere which allows Mexicans all over the country to celebrate this historical day.

The indigenous Mexican peoples had been under the rule of the Aztecs for some time before the Spaniards hit Mexican shores in 1521, led by Hernan Cortes. At first, the indigenous Mexicans welcomed the arrival of the Spanish, believing they would be free from the Aztec dictatorship, and while this was indeed the case, unfortunately the Spanish dictatorship turned out to be even worse.

It took until 1808, when Spain was invaded by Napoleon Bonaparte and his brother José was appointed as the King, for the Mexican peoples to decide to fight for independence. On 16th September 1810, the conspirators gathered to fight for liberty for Mexico, where the 10 year War of Independence in Mexico began.

If you go to Mexico during Mexican Independence Day, you’ll find the Mexican flag emblazoned across homes all over the country and celebrations in every time. You’ll be able to celebrate with the locals as they throw street parties with vast amounts of delicious food and upbeat Mariachi tunes, and you can expect to see amazing fireworks overhead as they see out the day in style.

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