Mandarin Chinese Is Fast Becoming A New Language of Luxury

Wealthy Chinese tourists travelling to the United States are being treated to private shopping opportunities for luxury brands. According to a consulting firm, Chinese tourists spend more on luxury goods overseas than they do in their own country as these goods tend to be cheaper for them to buy overseas. European luxury brand stores have been capitalising on this for many years and US stores have only recently joined the race for wealthy Chinese custom. Many retailers have been learning the Mandarin Chinese language and also bringing in Mandarin-speaking staff to assist the wealthy tourists during their shopping trips to the US.

With so much prosperity across China, there are many Chinese tourists and business people with money to spend and luxury goods seem to be one of their many coveted items to buy. There is a drawback for retailers in the United States though as it is more difficult for Chinese residents to obtain visas to travel there unlike to Europe. In light of this and of the opportunity for the USA to capitalise on this fast-growing tourist group, President Obama has promised to increase the US visa-processing levels from emerging markets such as China and Brazil, which will make it easier for them to travel to the United States.

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