Here are our recommended language courses for languages J – O.

These links will take you to our language course stores – click on the TOP COURSES tab and then use the search box to find your language course.

Language Best Bet 1 Best Bet 2 Best Bet 3
(audio/book) (cd-rom) (ipod/mp3)
coming soon!
Jèrriais Talk Now!: Jèrriais
Kannada Talk Now!: Kannada
Khmer Talk Now!: Khmer
Kirghiz Talk Now!: Kirghiz
Klingon Talk Now! Klingon
Korean Pimsleur: Korean Rosetta Stone: Korean Collins: 40 minute Korean
Kurdish Talk Now!: Kurdish
Latin Teach Yourself: Latin Rosetta Stone: Latin
Latvian Teach Yourself: Latvian Talk Now!: Latvian
Lithuanian Teach Yourself: Lithuanian Talk Now!: Lithuanian Pimsleur: Lithuanian
Luganda Talk Now!: Luganda
Luxembourgish Talk Now!: Luxembourgish
Macedonian Talk Now!: Macedonian
Malagasy Talk Now!: Malagasy
Malay Teach Yourself: Malay Talk Now!: Malay
Malayalam Talk Now!: Malayalam
Maltese Teach Yourself: Maltese Talk Now!: Maltese
Manx Talk Now!: Manx
Maori Talk Now!: Maori
Marathi Talk Now!: Marathi
Mongolian Talk Now!: Mongolian
Navajo Talk Now!: Navajo
Nepali Teach Yourself: Nepali Talk Now!: Nepali
Norwegian Pimsleur: Norwegian Talk Now!: Norwegian Teach Yourself: Norwegian
Ojibwe Pimsleur: Ojibwe Pimsleur: Ojibwe

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