Here are our recommended language courses for languages D – I.

These links will take you to our language course stores – click on the TOP COURSES tab and then use the search box to find your language course.

Language Best Bet 1 Best Bet 2 Best Bet 3
  (audio/book) (cd-rom) (ipod/mp3)
      coming soon!
Danish Teach Yourself: Danish Rosetta Stone: Danish Pimsleur: Danish
Dutch Michel Thomas: Dutch Rosetta Stone: Dutch Collins: 40 minute Dutch
English (American)   Talk Now!: American English  
Esperanto Teach Yourself: Esperanto    
Estonian Teach Yourself: Estonian Talk Now!: Estonian  
Farsi (Persian) Pimsleur: Farsi Rosetta Stone: Farsi Pimsleur: Farsi
Finnish Teach Yourself: Finnish Talk Now!: Finnish  
Frisian   Talk Now!: Frisian  
Gaelic Teach Yourself: Gaelic    
Galician   Talk Now!: Galician  
Georgian   Talk Now!: Georgian  
German (Swiss) Pimsleur: Swiss German Talk Now!: Swiss Pimsleur: Swiss German
Greek (Ancient) Teach Yourself: Ancient Greek    
Gujurati Teach Yourself: Gujurati Talk Now!: Gujurati  
Haitian-Creole Pimsleur: Haitian-Creole   Pimsleur: Haitian Creole
Hausa   Talk Now!: Hausa  
Hawaiian   Talk Now!: Hawaiian  
Hebrew Pimsleur: modern Hebrew Rosetta Stone: Hebrew In-Flight: Hebrew
Hebrew (Biblical) Teach Yourself: Biblical
Hungarian Pimsleur: Hungarian Talk Now!: Hungarian In-Flight: Hungarian
Icelandic Teach Yourself: Icelandic Talk Now!: Icelandic  
Igbo   Talk Now!: Igbo  
Indonesian Teach Yourself: Indonesian Rosetta Stone: Indonesian Pimsleur: Indonesian
Irish Pimsleur: Irish Talk Now!:Irish Pimsleur: Irish

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