Language Fun In The Sun!

learn a language for your summer holiday

The holiday season  is here again. If you are jetting off somewhere nice, you’ll get more from your time away if you learn a bit of the local language. We’ve selected the best and most innovative quick holiday language courses for beginners.   Heard of pay as you go?   This is learn as you go!

There is still time to pick up the essentials before you head  off – even if you’ve never studied the language before.     You can download an ipod or mp3 language course or just pack the course into your hand luggage … and absorb it on the plane … on the beach … or at the bar! If you dedicate 30 minutes a day to learning a language, these courses really do work.

While you’re on holiday, make the effort to seek out local people and try to talk to them to learn a little more about the life they lead and their culture and customs. You really will get more out of your holiday if you learn a little bit of the local language. Even if you just say hello, goodbye, please and thank you – people will really appreciate it. A little goes a long way, as they say. Don’t just speak English!

Don’t know which language course to choose? Take a look at our Language Advantage Guide ‘I want to learn a language … for my summer holiday‘>>

Get more out of life. Get the language advantage!   Get your competitive advantage.

Let us know what you think by sending us a comment below!   Does it matter if you speak the local language when you go on holiday? Or do enough people speak English that we can get by?

Credits: Photograph – Puerto Vallarta Beach, Mexico © 2009 Andrea Martins