La finale Di UEFA Champions League 2009

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Photo taken by Andrea Lainé

We’ve gone all Italian this week! This year’s UEFA Champions League Final will be held in the Stadio Olimpico, Rome on the 27th May 2009. FC Barcelona will play Manchester United FC in what could be an explosive football match.   A five-day celebration of football kicks off in Rome’s historic centre on Saturday 23rd May with the official opening of the UEFA Champions Festival.

If you are making your way over to Rome to watch the match, win over your Italian hosts by making the effort to speak some Italian – don’t just speak English.   English is not understood in all parts of Italy – so you may not be able to get away with just speaking English!! Much more importantly, it will make your trip ot Italy more memorable and enhance your time in  Rome if you learn the Italian language and get to know more about the Italian culture.

Here are a few basic Italian words and phrases to learn before you go out to Italy to get you started:

Buongiorno – Good day
Buonasera – Good evening/afternoon
Arrivederci – Goodbye
Per favore – Please
Grazie – Thank you
Scusi – Excuse me
Parla inglese? – Do you speak English?
Non parlo italiano – I don’t speak Italian
Dov’è il bagno? – Where’s the bathroom?!

But this is just the beginning …

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