Klingon Language Helps Man Deal With His Dyslexia

A man from the UK has found a way to help him deal with his dyslexia. He has spent over a decade learning the fictional language of Klingon which has, in turn, helped him to work with his dyslexia and to deal with words in general.

The fictional language of Klingon was created by Mark Okrand for the alien race called Klingons, of the popular Star Trek films. The language has its own grammar and vocabulary and there are Klingon language games and dictionaries available, as well as a Klingon Language Institute.

The Klingon language has proven so popular that EuroTalk has launched a new title called Talk Now Klingon.

For more details and to buy EuroTalk Talk Now Klingon (search under Languages J – O UK or USA site)>>

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