Is Multilingual E-Commerce The Way Forward?

Several large UK retailers are ensuring that their websites are multilingual in a bid to expand internationally. One large retailer Debenhams – a chain of UK Department stores – recently announced the launch of their German-language website. The Department store group decided to opt for a German-language website as Germany continuously performed well in terms of online sales. Now their German customers have access to their own Debenhams website and more importantly, in their own native language.

But, what are the benefits to having multilingual websites with multilingual e-commerce? The potential to attract foreign customers in their language is huge. According to an article on the Retail Week website, multilingual websites help boost sales as foreign customers are able buy products or services in their language.  Another well-known UK store Marks & Spencer, launched a French-language website to coincide with the opening of their new store in Paris, France. The DIY store B&Q have Chinese-language websites for their Chinese customers.

The article goes on to say that ‘Now that many retailers deliver to many countries, the need to support those territories with own-language sites is more pressing’.

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