iPod & MP3 Earworms Rapid French Volume 2 Review

earworms rapid french volume 2 language coursesAn independent language course review by Andrea Lainé

The Earworms Rapid French Volume 2 downloadable version, is the follow-on audio language course after Earworms Rapid French Volume 1.

Having already tried out Volume 1, I found that Volume 2 was at a faster pace and  learning  much longer phrases. Again, we meet native French presenters as in Volume 1 and with the same method of learning the French language via rhythmic music for 70 minutes. We hear techno, reggae, chilled out music and even echo effects that are quite catchy! It’s this catchy and melodic music that helps you to pick up the language quickly and also helps you to remember particular words and phrases. This is what Earworms calls the ‘accelerated learning technique’.

We are told to begin by sitting back and relaxing. We are on a plane with our presenters. The music kicks in and we start learning phrases for ‘are you going to?’, ‘for pleasure’ and ‘for business’. It sets the scene for using your French on the plane on your way to a French-speaking country. We learn how to ask for things; ‘can you bring me a cognac/beer?’.   It is here that we are exposed to our first piece of grammar; that of gender: une bierre (f) or feminine and un cognac (m) or masculine.

An English-speaking presenter reinforces our memory for learning certain phrases by associating them to English words. For example, for un instant he says ‘ah, like an instant’. Later he quips that he is going to remember souhaite (wish) by thinking of a sweatshirt with ‘WISH’ written across the front in big letters. These word associations tie in with the ‘memory hooks’ that Earworms also use. The memory hooks help you to associate the French to a visual memory and familiar words in English.

We move onto learning how to talk about today, tomorrow and maintenant (‘now’). We also learn more grammar through the informal and formal forms of ‘you’ (tu/vous). The conversation runs into talking about having a reservation at a hotel, asking for things, saying that you are going to have a shower/bath and looking at numbers, from 60 to a million!

The chapters then go into learning the months of the year, talking about food in a restaurant and finally talking about family, brothers, sisters and the time. The course has a good overview of more expansive vocabulary and is enough to get you through basic conversations in French.

As with Volume 1, what I enjoyed most about the Earworms Rapid French volume 2 was that I didn’t find learning the language too challenging. It is a fun way  to learn  a language. The one disadvantage to learning this way is that you have to like the music. I can imagine that if you don’t like the music, then you might find this method of learning a little irritating!

This course comes with a useful phrase book. It gives more information into what the accelerated learning technique is about. It also lists all the phrases and words found in the course. This is useful for those (like me) that like to see the written language and associate it with hearing the language at the same time. Otherwise, this course is audio only.

This way of learning is unique but is accessible for most learners. The course can be listened to on the beach, on a train, plane or anywhere where you can listen to the music in a relaxed way.

The Earworms Rapid language courses can be uploaded to iPod, iPhone, iPad or other MP3 players.

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