International Francophonie Day – 20th March 2012

Today is International Francophonie Day or Journée Internationale de la Francophonie. Every year on the 20th March, this day celebrates and promotes cultural diversity and the French language. With over 200 million French-speakers around the world, events to encourage the French language further, include concerts, exhibitions, talks and forums.

On the 17th March, there was an all day concert festival in London’s Trafalgar Square to kick-start the International Francophonie Day events. It also promoted the French language as one of the official languages for the London 2012 Olympics this year. The concert festival was the beginning of many events being organised by the International Francophonie Organisation (OIF). The OIF has 56 member and 14 observer countries which cover five continents and well over 200 million French speakers. Their main objective is to promote cultural and linguistic diversity as well as the French language around the world.

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