How Well Do You Know The English Language?

A new exhibition in London aims to demonstrate how ‘global’ the English language really is. The exhibition called ‘The English Effect’, set up by The British Council, will show how the English language has evolved through the immersion of words from other languages. For instance, did you know that the word ‘bungalow’ originated from the Bengal region of India? Or, that the word ‘booze’ comes from medieval Dutch?

We were amazed to also find out that the word ‘zombie’ comes from West Africa! And, that the word ‘parka’ (as in coat or jacket) has its origins from the Russian language.

The Director of The British Council said ‘English is not just ‘our’ language – it truly belongs to the whole world, and brings real benefits to anyone who can speak it,”.

‘The English Effect’ exhibition is on now at The British Council’s London headquarters until the 29th June 2013. It will then go on a tour of The British Council centres around the world.

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