How China’s biggest online dating website was created

Photo by Andrea Lainé

Photo by Andrea Lainé

China’s biggest online dating website Jiayuan, was created in 2003 by Rose Gong after she had a bad experience using online dating sites at the time. Her disappointing personal experience inspired her to create a serious matchmaking website with a strong identity. But, she also had the challenge of changing the perception of online dating in China as a whole.

Huge economic and socio-economic changes in China have made it difficult for people to find partners and Ms Gong had to find ways to get around this. Part of her marketing campaign was to organise events and collaborate with TV shows to help promote the website and her business.

Jiayuan is now the biggest online dating website in China employing hundreds of people. The site  is also listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

This successful venture into business has inspired Ms Gong to set up another website, 91Waijiao, which connects English language teachers with students in China through the internet.

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