How Can We Save Dying Languages And Dialects?

A recent article asks how young people can take on the responsibility of learning the dialects of their regional area. There are people up and down the UK doing all they can to try and preserve local dialects regionally and nationally before they die out. It is a good thing that these groups of people are trying to engage the young to learn their local dialect as, according to the Foundation for Endangered Languages, most languages in the world will die out within a couple of generations.

But, how can we save dying languages and dialects? Languages can denote where we come from, history, civilisation, lifestyle as well as cultural identity. When languages die out, so does the identity of the peoples who spoke them, in a way. One group in Cumbria, in the UK, approached Young Farmers Clubs in their area and have managed to encourage the young farmers to learn the local dialect thereby, preserving it for the future.

Other suggestions include using music and language as a way to engage the minds of the young.

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