Greeks Learn German Language Due To Recession

A five year recession, an extremely high rate of unemployment and a shrinking economy have all taken their toll on the country of Greece. The Greek people want jobs and want to work to show that they can be productive but the recession and the lack of jobs in Greece are making things very difficult. Recently however, hundreds of Greeks have been turning to the German language in an effort to improve their situation.

According to a recent article, the number of Greeks turning up at the German Language Institute in Athens and other language schools, has increased dramatically over the past year. Economic data has shown that Germany’s economy is strong with a low unemployment rate, both of which are highly attractive to other countries and, in particular, to the Greeks. Learning the German language would be advantageous in finding jobs.

Ulrike Drissner, deputy head of the Goethe Institute in Athens explains her impression of the rise in the number of Greeks learning German. She says that, ”We do connect it to the crisis,’ adding, ‘They are desperately trying to find better opportunities in the labour market whether it be in Greece or abroad.’

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What are your thoughts on the rise in the number of Greeks learning the German language? Are you living in Greece or know of someone living there who is learning German? Why do you think learning German would be beneficial? We’d love to hear from you. Please send us your comments using the comments box below.