Good Business In More Than 35 Languages

In today’s business world, it pays to have an edge on the competition. Good communication skills is a must no matter what language is spoken and for the staff at Longo Toyota, based in Southern California, this is what has improved business. The vehicle company’s sales force alone speaks more than 35 languages and can even offer financial contracts in a variety of languages including Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Tagalog.

This strong multilingual ethic within Longo Toyota began 15 years ago when the now CEO of the company became aware of the huge diversity of cultures and languages already available amongst the staff at the company. The CEO encouraged recruitment of his managers and supervisors from ethnic minorities and immigrants. Having a multilingual reach available to Longo Toyota’s customers proved an invaluable advantage over its competititors.

Some of the languages spoken by the Longo Toyota staff include Arabic, Cambodian, Farsi, Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, Romanian, Spanish, Thai and Yoruba.

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